Sunday, July 5, 2009


some sort of microscopic image

later, I read Cerebus

science fiction and lesbian sex

appleseed was a manga series i read when i was an early teen


this brazillian dude i knew on IRC. i sent him an action figure in the mail, it cost $20 to send. he sent me some dreamcast games.


skyline. it's helpful for me to do this because the images are safer here. i think i made this, but it might have been a friend. no, i'm pretty sure it was me? my files are so disorganized


animated gif of a dude exploding into chunks. i made it for my AIM icon

Stein's Shoe

this is a picture of my friend stein's shoe. knew him on a MOO. good rhyme. he coded a tool to hit on potential females there. what a strange place and time.