Sunday, July 5, 2009


some sort of microscopic image

later, I read Cerebus

science fiction and lesbian sex

appleseed was a manga series i read when i was an early teen


this brazillian dude i knew on IRC. i sent him an action figure in the mail, it cost $20 to send. he sent me some dreamcast games.


skyline. it's helpful for me to do this because the images are safer here. i think i made this, but it might have been a friend. no, i'm pretty sure it was me? my files are so disorganized


animated gif of a dude exploding into chunks. i made it for my AIM icon

Stein's Shoe

this is a picture of my friend stein's shoe. knew him on a MOO. good rhyme. he coded a tool to hit on potential females there. what a strange place and time.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

online life

I think I've finally realized that when it comes to mmorpgs there really is no scale to compare yourself on as far as abilities, only your own personal worth amongst the peers you typically quest with. Also in the digital realm ageism still persists but really does not matter, neither does ones ability to speak the same language.

Crazy Bones

Crazy Bones was a dance I did in the old style during the early days of TW. kind of a ridiculous boogie. it was something we came up with when D was in the band, kind of a showman's thing, now here's crrraaaazyyybones. a routine. i miss that - but it was becoming out of place in the band.

i edited this image from a group shot of Swans during the earlier period. apparently she was the most out of control/brutal guitar player in the area. nyc 1980's. Sue Hanel. she was also in glenn branca's guitar orchestra. there's a work of hers in state of the union compilation that i'd like to hear. i could relate a lot to her because a) she played crazy guitar b) being in a band didn't work out for her, and she disappeared?

i am interested in people who are very talented but refuse to entertain.


presented the head of john the baptist. murdered him? later a cult developed around her. not sure of the details, but i was interested in her as an image of womanhood, because i was in a band whose imagery dealt with the cult of true womanhood. i may have presented the idea for the imagery to the band, but not in any way that made sense to anyone but me. i find that these kinds of images would never really work well in a group setting, especially one intent on reaching a large audience. it can be shared with other individuals, but it is very intimate, my ideas and feelings, because it's all wrapped up in actual relationships in my life that are real and not just art. those kinds of things shouldn't be tampered with too much.


memory, it was during college, at a party at the apartments across the bridge near the tower. everyone was playing in the snow.