Friday, December 5, 2008

The Band

The Band

Portable Shark consists of three people (in no particular order):

  • G on drums
  • R on bass
  • p on guitar

So far we are primarily a live band. We create ambient soundscapes. The music could be described as experimental, since we don't know entirely what is going to happen when we go into a performance. We are based in the terminally unhip suburbs. The music is moving, changing and improvisational.


Portable Shark is only available to play during the Winter and Summer but you can reach us pretty much any time through our email.

(20:27:55) r: haaha
(21:08:07) p: o had a skill injection today
(21:08:29) r: sahweet
(21:08:34) r: he's setting up a band thing
(21:08:42) p: i know!
(21:08:50) p: im given him tips
(21:09:28) p: like make friends with record execs
(21:11:30) p: i dont care how hyperreal it is... msnbcs home page looks sweet right now

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