Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i am writing independently an article on musicians' relationships with information technology. if you would like to be interviewed, would you prefer e mail or phone or something else?

rumors of anti-technology.. "i have read articles that cite you as 'anti-technology'. how do you feel about these assertions?"

it seems implicit in the music - where did these rumors come from?

they do not cite a particular source. is it just assumed?

"the evil of the mundane" from interview

what disturbs you most about the recent developments and trends in technology?

i read that you are not a fan of myspace.

do you know of any musicians, noise or not, who share a similar perspective on emergent technologies

have you sustained any serious physical harm over the course of your performing career? ear damage?

struggle with

I want to find out approaches to music outside myspace,

existing cultures outside mass communication. do these exist? if so, how do they operate?

AESTHETICS in noise music - relationship between noise and marginalization. that which is marginalized by information technology.

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