Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Human capital and growth under political uncertainty Abstract


This was very meditative to draw. I scanned it in and did some digital modification. The original picture is from a "beauty" magazine. I suppose this piece counts as "commentary on the original work" so it is covered under fair use copyright law.


I was bored of Dreamweaver. The Sailor Moon icons probably aren't covered under fair use. Oh well.


Made with LOGO Microworlds on May 24, 2006


- msgboard
- integrate blog
- fix links
- directory infrastructure fix
- bookmarks directory
- integrate comics and other functions
- put up info about me
- make sure everything is linked together, a web.
- homepage, lotsa stuff
- upgrade nav

1. Another way out
2. Choke
3. Hip hop song
4. Liza and Louise
5. My only Light
6. The World has turned And left me here
7. Pop
8. New one.
9. Saccharine
10. Bland Alt.*.swf *=#

Hercules GameTheater XP

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