Monday, December 8, 2008

i wish i were you

> 01. About 3-4 years. 02. I used to use Livejournal to occasionally post
> stuff, but I've abandoned that. I now use my personal website,
> to post. It feels more like "home". 03. I usually write
> it out on paper first. Not as a drafting process exactly, I just jot down
> ideas or full sentences or whatever comes out. When I type it up into my
> blog I flesh things out and edit, it can take up to about 30 minutes. 04.
> Yeah. 05. No, I am totally off-the-wall in my email, I capitalize
> "properly" one moment and the next I'll be all lowercase, I shift voices,
> doesn't matter. 06. I really look forward to interaction sooo...very
> quickly. 07. I'd say it's the same voice, or atleast similar, just more
> refined and clear. When I write emails I take into consideration who I am
> writing to and how I can phrase things that will make sense to them
> specifically. When I am writing a blog entry I have to make it as clear
> as possible in order to get my point across. 08. Creative writing,
> rambling. 09. Definitely..Email allows for more spontinaety than letter
> writing, hence my haphazard, willy-nilly style. In letter writing,
> there's a lot more flow, which is nice sometimes but in email I can just
> bang it out. For me personally, I prefer email because I've never had
> very good handwriting and I have trouble forming letters when I am
> getting really creative. My blog is more like an email to whoever may be
> listening, with a little more editing out of courtesy. 10. I've always
> been better at communicating in non-real-time environments, so anything
> that involves writing gemerally exposes a different side of me than
> verbal communication. 11. Do: 1) backup your data 2) be considerate of
> friends and family whose personal identity/information/whatever you might
> risk exposing by writing about them 3) have fun. there's no point
> otherwise.

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