Monday, December 8, 2008


Dunno! I just keep developing a stronger structure of honesty/self-love/other-love as time goes on. I've met a few people but circumstances have prevented so far. I guess I'm cautious about getting into a relationship... I don't wanto to let that cautiousness prevent anything, though. I'm gradually breaking down my insecurities and getting to know people of the opposite sex from around here, which is always nice.

It's frustrating to know that I have so much to offer and I share it as much as possible but I feel like my horizons could be expanded like 10,000 times if I were able to experience the closeness of a relationship. I try to approach people as much as possible but it seems like people aren't comfortable approaching me, if only I could somehow communicate that if they approach me with little pretense or justification or whatever, it doesn't matter, it takes so so little for me to be open with someone. I'd have to agree with Morrissey, though: HOW SOON IS NOW?

Their reply was:

Jeez, Ross, a simple "I have bad breath and tend to wank openly in the public library" would have sufficed.

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