Friday, December 5, 2008

the pomo method, down-up working with small granules instead of the modernist top-down have your thesis 100% solid before writing is extremely work intensive. even 5 page papers take a long while to complete in that style, but the result has always been worth it. plus, i don't have the organizational capacity to go modernist.

i have a lot of quotations, some of which i haven't entered into the document yet. these serve as memory-triggers...sometimes i find myself not giving my own voice enough of a chance, though. it's a balance. i feel like the first two sections are beginning to solidify. i have quotes set up for the next sections that aren't put in yet, i have almost too much raw material! i think i have even enough to skip "part 2" for this paper and just go 30 pages of "part 1." i dunno..we'll talk.


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