Friday, December 5, 2008

Google the Google

(18:39:06) r: whats' up honkey
(18:39:31) r: i was warned of your a mysterious man
(18:40:00) G: do you know about file sharing on gmail?
(18:40:23) r: big a file we talkin?
(18:40:30) G: songs
(18:41:02) G: an account on gmail for sharing songs?
(18:41:13) r: you can attach a file under 10MB
(18:41:18) r: anything over that, it doesn't like
(18:41:35) G: are there like groups that share files?
(18:42:00) r: yeah there's google groups
(18:42:05) r: i'm pretty sure people share files on there
(18:42:12) G: how do i search them?
(18:42:22) r: i don't know
(18:42:23) r: google it
(18:42:24) r: ;)
(18:42:49) G: interesting
(18:43:00) G: and where do i find this "google"

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