Wednesday, December 10, 2008


january: pleasantries that are difficult to find on the internet.

february: luckily, i learned to live without it.

march: Even the live show seems to be getting noisier.

april: it's not so bad actually, but i keep having these weird dreams about talking to people online, people with faces but no eyes, people with voices but no bodies.

may: It's Afropop

june: I went out on a walk and admired the floating dandelion seedlings.

july: this is the summer of not selling things.

August: Ever since last night my mind has been registering sound/music differently..

September: Sometimes I feel like my t-shirt is attacking my skin.
october: it was the most nonrational i've ever been.
november: it has been a good month.

when i was the most miserable i had a dream in which i was wandering around a party. everyone at the party was very different but they all acknowledged that they were "actors". i met this dude who was a combination of a character from "the waking life" which is a movie about dreaming and the lead singer of this band "need new body" who plays a banjo and looks like a mountain man.

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