Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"CDs containing thousands of journal entries chronicling the reoccurring realization that yesterday I was an idiot."

the swat team blew up the house near by. blowing out all the windows.. i can't really think of anything to say, only that i'm tired and i have a bad feeling.


i tried to figure out what visual technique would express the deadening feeling i get when i overexpose myself to media. first i realized that existenz and lain had done this and done it very well already. then i realized i wanted nothing to do with producing such a work. i got the feeling that it would only frustrate me further to produce anything as a moralistic message against the internet. the rush to my brain

my attacks on the internet were an interesting experiment but the internet as a play space has become suffocating. it is no longer fun. i feel like i need to lie down when i get off the computer.

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