Friday, December 5, 2008

mandy gives you a yellow ghost flower

interested in creative/innovative approaches to information science. a thinker, very active. is interested in the science aspect and technically adept

(09:25:07 PM) r: man
(09:25:11 PM) r: i really don't want to read kate chopin
(09:25:37 PM) r: i can't say that she's worse than toni morrison
(09:25:43 PM) r: but she fucking blows. at least, what i've read of hers, blows.
(09:26:36 PM) r: I want to take a dump on her face.
(09:39:55 PM) E: That won't stop her.
(09:40:03 PM) E: Those bad writers are like hurricanes of shit.
(09:40:14 PM) E: Shittycanes swirling around with the force of pure awful writing.
(09:43:07 PM) E: Gotta bolt man.
(09:43:16 PM) E: Need to drive an hour to drop off library books to avoid further fines.
(09:43:17 PM) E: Lame.
(09:43:19 PM) E: Peace

in a culture of rote memorization, quotation marks are unnecessary

10/8/2008 - E had a horrifying experience. BETRAYED was established.

10/12/2008 - First issue of BETRAYED! sent to 44 members. Thank you members.

10/17/2008 - Second issue of BETRAYED! sent to almost 70 members. BOO YEAH.

10/24/2008 - 3rd issue of BETRAYED! sent to 70+ members.

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